About Aurora Nichole (D. Fashion, Paralegal), Canadian Ataxia Conference concert dancer:

Aurora Nichole performed in last year's Canadian Ataxia Conference's philanthropy concert as one of the Brute Beauties Laserbeam dance crew.

This year Aurora will return to the stage performing in the concert opera"Limitless With Limitations" a part of one of the Brute Beauties dance crew.

The Concert Opera is a part of the Canadian Ataxia Conference and is a fundraiser for the charity ACAF - CAFA for Ataxia research and awareness.

The Laserbeam dance crew will perform throughout the Concert Opera shooting lasers and effects light on the 4-foot diameter Mirror Ball. The Mirror Ball will be the stage centerpiece and a part of many of the musical acts.


The ten members of the Laserbeam dance crew will also be featured in a team solo dance routine to the song's of "Run" by In Hour World and "With My Own Eyes" by Bruteman and Sarah Smith, in these songs video effects and music video visualizers will also accompany the Laserbeam dance crew.


It shall be a spectacle of a laser time!


For more information about the Canadian Ataxia Conference visit http://www.canadianataxiaconference.com and the Canadian Association for Familail Ataxias http://www.lacaf.org

Limitless With Limitations will start at 5pm on Saturday October 12th 2013 in the Wolf Performance Hall. For more information about the Limitless With Limitations concert opera visit www.limitlesswithlimitations.com

About Aurora:

Achieving degrees in fashion and Paralegal, Aurora has also been Runway and Print Modeling, Figure Skating, and performing all forms of dance such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Go-Go for almost a decade.

She began doing background acting in movies such as "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", "Mean Girls", and "Prom Queen" years ago as well. She also represents companies at trade-shows as a spokes person and presenter.

Personally, Aurora can be described as a true country girl with a sweet, bubbly, and beautiful demeanor. She is simply an adventurous Jill or all trades. Aurora enjoys being outdoors, and finds fun and excitement everywhere she goes!

Two of her favourite music artists are the band Dry County and Brittney Spears. Aurora is also a huge Hockey fan (like any Canadian), UFC fan, and Tractor Pulling spectator. Aurora has her motorcycle license riding dirt bikes and quads, Horse-back rides and snowboards.

Photos by Norman J. Wilson, www.njw.ca, and others.