About Crystal-Lynn (D. Psychology), Canadian Ataxia Conference concert dancer:

Crystal-Lynn performed in last year's Canadian Ataxia Conference's philanthropy concert as one of the Brute Beauties dance crew. Crystal will return to the stage in 2013 performing in the concert opera"Limitless With Limitations" a part of one of the Brute Beauties dance crew.

Limitless With Limitations will start at 5pm on Saturday October 12th 2013 in the Wolf Performance Hall. For more information about the Limitless With Limitations concert opera visit http://www.limitlesswithlimitations.com

About Crystal:

Inspirational, determination, courage, and strength are words that define the life of Crystal-Lynn Ansems. In July 2008 Crystal was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident which almost took her life. With several internal injuries and brain trama the news was that Crystal would not recovernor be the same again.

But Crystal did not give up hope, even at the darkest hours. It took her many years to battle back and defy what was predicted for her, but bit by bit she acheived victories against her grim situation. She began to take her mobility back and battle the neurological damage of the accedent. With the love and support of her family and children Crystal was focused to not give up and reclaim her life.

She achieved a new house for her children and returned to full strength as a Mother guiding them to adulthood and a positive future. Crystal also focused on returning to her passions in life, modeling and fitness. She returned to the stage and to photoshoots.

One of her biggest triumphs came in May of 2013 where entered in her first fitness compitition. All the physiotherapy and training had accumulated to climax at the GNC Stephanie Worsfold Classic Sanctioned by Ontario Physique Association (OPA).

"Feb 12, 2013 was the day I decided to not give up and change my life FOREVER ......With an AWESOME Trainer Heather Maureen King, we came together as a TEAM and hit milestones in which I never thought I could or would ......2 Weeks today I will be hitting the OPA stage in London to compete in my FIRST BIKINI COMPETITION"

Crystal won 3rd place in the Bikini Masters division at th GNC Stephanie Worsfold Classic, and was awarded a trophy for her placing. She proved that day that through hard work and not giving up anything can be achieved.

Photos by Norman J. Wilson www.njw.ca, MKA Creative Studio Photography, and others.