About Erica Richer (D. Business), Canadian Ataxia Conference presenter and author:

Erica Richer was one of the presenters at the 2012 Canadian Ataxia Conference. During the concert portion of the Conference Erica presented the Claude St-Jean tribute video. Erica is an author that lives with Friedreich's Ataxia, she is working on her first series of novels entitled "Dark Shadows".

"I began writing when I realized I was spending most of my time dreaming about people and places that I imagined. It doesn’t matter if I’m awake or asleep while I dream, the characters become so complex and real that I feel compelled to tell their story. I feel the urge to write it all down because I feel they are stories that have to be told, so I do. I find it incredibly satisfying to create a story from beginning to end.

Born an avid reader and bookworm by nature, I’ve always had a passion for creating stories, even when I was little. Whether I portrayed characters in drama or wrote about them. As a child I wrote books with pictures to go along, as a teenager I wrote poems and songs to express myself, and now as an adult I write novels to entertain myself and other readers.

Writing is a part of me and I am very drawn to writing about suspenseful, mythical, supernatural, and paranormal themes all with a hint of mystery and romance. It’s an escape from an ever present reality.

I do try to incorporate truthful aspects in each of my books since I always enjoy learning something new, be it about a location or language. I want to offer my readers the same opportunities. I hope my novels can bring readers as much entertainment as they bring me."

Links: http://ericaricher.webs.com/