About Ill At Will dance crew, 2012 Canadian Ataxia Conference concert performers:

The Ill At Will dance crew performed at the first Canadian Ataxia Conference benifit concert in 2012. The did a break dance performance to the house music song "Maxed Out" by Cam Edmonds. They also opened the show with Sarah Smith, Roger Foley, and the Brute Beauties.

The members of Ill At Will that performed at "Bruteman Live!" philanthropy concert in 2012 were Jim Jihoon Han, Kyler Ayim, Rob Loebach, and Nickolaas van der Velde. Ill At Will's performances at the 2012 Canadian Ataxia Conference's concert was spectacular!

"Our dance is called Breaking, or B-boying, but it's also known as breakdancing. Breaking is one of the main elements of Hip Hop culture; other elements include rapping, turntablism (DJing), and graffiti art. We mostly dance to rap, funk, and breaks (drum sections of a song) but we'll go off to whatever makes our feet move!"

Ill at Will is a Canadian B-Boy (breakdance) crew formed in late August 2008. Our members are mainly from Ontario's 519 area with others from Toronto and Holland.

Ill at Will has organized numerous workshops and events for the local communities in Windsor and London, including a successful street dance competition at Centennial Hall London. We have also battled at competitions in New York, Michigan, Quebec, and around Ontario.

We do community workshops around the 519 area, teach youth through various dance studios, and travel to competitions in other cities to battle or help judge, representing London, Windsor, and Toronto's next generation of B-Boys.


About the members of Ill At Will that performed at "Bruteman Live!" in 2012:

Jim Jihoon Han aka JFX

REPPING: Born and raised in S. Korea, repping London, Windsor, 519 Canada

INSPIRATIONS: Born, Tino Roc, Megus, Ken Swift, Wicket, Kujo, Puzzles, Dyzee, Poe One, Pieces, all the Illains of IAW, Prepix, Pacman, Nam Hyun Joon, Michael Jackson, Winners, K.OGS, my students.

MESSAGE: BBoying is an art, express yourselves to the fullest!

SHOUTOUTS: To the homies that got me started back in Windsor and the homies that kept me motivated up in Toronto and the brothers that welcomed me in London.


Kyler Ayim aka ka_boom

REPPING: London, Canada and my African roots in Ghana

INSPIRATIONS: GTA and London crews from late 1990s and early 2000s, Rock Steady Crew, Style Elements Crew, the "Comfort Zone video" from Toronto, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Spiderman, James Bond, swagger, clutch performances, upbeat funk music, anyone I see rocking the beat hard and displaying crazy smooth flow.

MESSAGE: Work hard & play hard.

SHOUTOUTS: My family for always loving & supporting me (Mom, Dad, Miranda). My friends for being full of awesome.


Rob Loebach aka BBOY LOEBZ (like the ear)

REPPING: An adopted South Korean; born in Seoul, living in Windsor

GOALS: To constantly improve and learn about this dance. And give back as much as I learn. Also to help expand the breaker scene in Windsor as much as I can. Hopefully battling/showcasing/internationally representing for Canada. Also smoking some cats along the way haha.

INSPIRATIONS: My family, My Crew, Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, Sun Tzu, John Lim (rip), Puzzles, Focus, Tino Roc, Nauty One, Born, Style M, Ata, Poe One, Buddah CFM, Megas, Gadgets, Dyzee (& all of supernaturalz), Cloud and bboy joe.

MESSAGE: Understand the culture as much as the actual move. Learn the history as much as the steps; you're always a student! Foundation is important. Dance with all your heart. Pay respect to those who help create it. Be inspired but most importantly be yourself!!! Hip hop is not a dance but a culture in itself!

SHOUTOUTS: My crew: We family! Forever ill! The whole Windsor scene and young generation: I represent for you guys everywhere I go. Don't let it die in Windsor! Canton clan, Cobra Kai, Over Rev, Robotops, Supernaturalz crew, dress2kill, to all the Korean adopted breakers world wide, and to all the fans, supporters, haters and lovers. You keep me pushing forward.

Nickolaas van der Velde AKA Nasty Nick

REPPING: Straight out of Holland, bringing those flows from Europe.

INSPIRATIONS: Meagus, Kmel, Misery, JDI, Xisco, My Ill at Will crew!

MESSAGE: For all those groupies out there, thanks for supporting, we just trying to do our thing.
For all the bboys/bgirls out there... be a student all day and try committing and giving back to the dance.

SHOUTOUTS: Slayrock, Pasutha, illastic, Greg1, Logic, ka_boom, Kayo, TigerBomb, Loebz, Jihoon, keep on inspirin y'all.