About Melissa Cunningham, Canadian Ataxia Conference concert dancer:

Melissa Cunningham performed in last year's Canadian Ataxia Conference's philanthropy concert "Bruteman Live!" as one of the Brute Beauties dance crew.

This year Melissa will return to the stage performing in the concert opera"Limitless With Limitations" a part of one of the Brute Beauties dance crew.

Limitless With Limitations will start at 5pm on Saturday October 12th 2013 in the Wolf Performance Hall.

For more information about the Limitless With Limitations concert opera visit http://www.limitlesswithlimitations.com


About Melissa:

Melissa is a singer, television host, and dancer. She interviews artists on the community web television.Melissa also models for various photographers and is building her modeling portfolio.

Her singing style and music writing has a similar tone and feel at to Mariah Carey. She has performed at Banquets, fundraisers, and venues in the US and Canada. She hopes to record her songs and produce an album in the future.

Melissa also contributes to a lot of volunteer charity work in the London area. She is involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, http://www.bbbsola.org/, helping to guide and mentor teenage girls though the important phases of their lives.


Photos by Norman J. Wilson, www.njw.ca, MKA Creative Studio Photography, and others.