About Mike Mckyes, 2013 Canadian Ataxia Conference musician performer in Benifit Concert:

Mike McKyes is the founder and owner of The Grove Productions and a graduate of the Music Industry Arts program. Mike has over seventeen years experience of full time professional employment in the music industry as a producer, signed recording artist, and writer.

His goal as a producer is to establish a comfortable atmosphere and open communication with clients to help cultivate and capture the best and most honest performance, which he deeply believes is key to making the best possible music for an audience to believe and identify with.

Mike has designed the Grove Studios to be flexible in price and is able to accommodate the needs of artists and clients utilizing his experiences, knowledge, and technical skills.

Sources and Links: http://thegroveproductions.com, photo of Mike McKyes highlighted is from the website http://thegroveproductions.com, discography of the Grove Productions at http://thegroveproductions.com/discography.html