About Mirambo, Canadian Ataxia Conference concert performer:

Mirambo performed in the 2012 Canadian Ataxia Conference's philanthropy concert "Bruteman Live!" as one of the Brute Beauties dance crew.

About Mirambo:

Mirambo is her Roller Derby name, and skating the track, television hosting, and go-go dancing is what she does!

Mirambo plays as a pivot, blocker, and jammer for the Forest City Derby Girl's Thames Fatales. Mirambo is one of the most popular Roller Derby players in London. She also performs as a dancer in concerts and fundraisers.

Mirambo also brings all her charm and knowledge to the Derby Spotlight web television series. She interviews Roller Derby players, coaches, and some of the best minds in the sport. Watch some of her features and bouts at http://www.derbyspotlight.com

Photos by Norman J. Wilson, www.njw.ca, MKA Creative Studio Photography, and others.