About Sarah Smith, Canadian Ataxia Conference musician performer:

Sarah Smith was one of the key performers in the 2012 Canadian Ataxia Conference's philanthropy concert. She performed her single "Shining Bright" while also performing duets and trios with Kristin Dawn, Roger Foley, Laura Gagnon, and Dana Hartman. She also played lead guitar for these artists showcasing her versatility as a musician. Sarah's passionate performance touched the hearts of everyone.

About Sarah:

Sarah Smith, lead singer of Canadian rock band, The Joys, is stepping outside her band boundaries to bring audiences her own voice, her own experiences and her own personal sound. Her power, energy and emotion have been unmatched to this day showing a different side to her sound and style.

Her music is positive, inspiring and with an aura that surrounds her very being. It is her stage presence and delivery that allows her music to dissolve into the pores of your skin, deep in your soul to a place that signals pure joy.

Sarah highlights her vocal versatility, her writing skills and incredible arrangements in her songs. She is tender, powerful, soft, and hard. You can't escape her sound because her music is in everyone.

"I am a huge lover of a song, as a whole. Melody AND music. As I have grown musically, I have learned to appreciate softer, more melodic songs with a stronger emphasis on storytelling and lyrics", states Sarah.

Sarah Smith's debut solo CD is "Stronger Now" was released in June 2012. The songs are representative of her own sound being emotional, full of passion with powerhouse raspy vocals that give her such a textured and recognizable sound. These songs have a wonderful catchy chorus and a great rhythm which lend themself to a long lasting effect on audiences leaving them in awe of her very talent.

Sarah worked with some of the best songwriters in Canada and The United States on her latest album "Stronger Now" and was honored to be working with Grammy and Juno award winning producer Kevin Doyle in it's production. (www.kevindoylemusic.com) "Shine Bright" is the first single released from her debut solo album and you can view the video for "Shine Bright" on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_Z1273i5dM

In 2009 and 2010 Sarah was awarded Best Singer/Songwriter at the London Music Awards. She also hosted the 2011 Jack Richardson Music Awards. At the 2012 Jack Richardson Music Awards Sarah won the Fan Favourite Award.

Links: http://www.sarahsmithmusic.com

Photos of Pete by Norman J. Wilson, www.njw.ca, and others.